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We support our clients every step of the way on their Agile journey. Whether you are new to Agile or looking to scale, we are here to provide guidance. Our experienced Agile coaches strive to help our clients improve their Agility.

Practical Scrum Master Training

Our scrum master training will give you an in-dept practical view on Agile and Scrum which will help you succeed in your interviews and at work.

Scrum Internship/Mentorship

At Evandi, we provide an opportunity for newly scrum masters to intern which will help them to acquire significant hands-on experience which is highly required to be successful as a scrum master

On the Job Coaching

We provide coaching services for newly scrum masters to aid them in transforming their mindset to align with the agile mindset and principles that will guarantee you success in your career path.


At Evandi Solutions, our goal is to help organizations that want to transition their processes from waterfall to Agile but don’t know how to accomplish it. If you are a company and are looking for Agile professionals such as experienced Scrum coaches, RTE’s, Agile Coaches, Delivery Managers, Product Owners, and Business Analyst. We are skilled in finding you the right practitioners.

Resume Refinement and Interview prep

At Evandi Solutions, we review and groom your resume to become highly sought after in the Agile market

First stage

Practical Scrum Master training

Purpose:  This training is for individuals that are new to the agile space and are looking forward to learning or enhancing their agility skills.  After this training, our clients will be ready to take their PSM1 Certification.

  • This is a practical scrum master training
  • High engages online lessons with practical role play exercises
  • You get real life examples and scenarios
  • Access to unlimited certification exam questions
  • Certification preparation with the teachers
  • All lessons are recorded for individual self-study
  • Unlimited questions and answers during lessons

Number of Lessons : 10-12

Call a Consultant

Second stage

Are you PSM1 certified but lacks the practical experience?

This session is to help you bridge the Gap between been certify and getting a job as a Scrum master

  • We provide live interview prep session twice a week
  • We also groom your resumes
  • Access to shadowing with your mentor for students who are in the area and recorded audio job shadowing for students who are not in the area.
  • Development of your facilitation, coaching and Mentoring skills
  • Access to unlimited live interview recorded sessions


Third stage

This service is mainly for working scrum masters that needs on the job coaching.

We provide

  • One on one sessions
  • Unlimited questions and answers
  • Development of your facilitation, coaching and Mentoring skills
  • Lifetime membership to our community of practice.

Schedule- one hour weekly one on one sessions

Hourly Consultation Services

Do you need guidance or clarification on Agile, Connect with a mentor?